13th March 2018

As you all know I stood down as your CCO May 2016, but as no one came forward I have continued to do the renewals for Level 1 and 2 as required.

When you first voted me in as CCO taking over from Tom I was full of enthusiasm for the role, we held improvers courses in the winter CPD events like Pass it On and compound workshop.

As a group we tried senior coaching once a month and ended up with more coaches than archers on most occasions

After a few years of constant belittling of the coaches by some county members I rightly or wrongly thought what is the point.

So it is time to give the mantle to someone else.

As usual like buses after a wait of 2 years I had 2 people show an interest in taking over the role.

One has bowed out to allow for a very senior coach if you elect him tonight to take over the role as Shropshire CCO.

Not all been doom and gloom thanks to Liz and Gavin for running the junior squad Simon for trying to do something for the seniors and Barbara for running the Level 1 course.

Once again thank you for letting me be your CCO it was an honor to work with you.

The coaching group is always available to attend clubs if requested.

Sue Williamson