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County Indoor Competition.

Held at TCAT on Sunday 25th February.

Report from Telford Archers.

The County Indoor Championships 2018 was hosted by Telford Archers and held at Telford College of Arts and Technology, Wellington, our club’s indoor venue.The Shoot was well attended with approximately 100 archers attending both the sessions from all of the Clubs in Shropshire. It was great to see a range of archers from beginners using club bows to intermediate and County archers all mixing together and supporting each other through the day. There was probably a 70year age difference between the oldest and youngest archer – a great advertisement for our sport.

I would like to thank everyone for attending and making the day so enjoyable.

Sorry the results have taken rather a while to send out.   When the scoresheets were examined again after the event it was clear that there were a large number of mistakes. This meant that every scoresheet had to be re-checked carefully. Most of these mistakes are things that shouldn’t happen – archers either don’t understand the rules or don’t take enough care. Examples are;

Both 9s and 10s scored as golds.   10s only!  

The scoresheet forms didn’t have names on – some were not filled out correctly. Not helpful to put only your first name!

Incomplete scoresheets – Hits and golds not added up. A few archers left out the name of their club.

Full results are available on the County Web site. Just a summary here.

These events couldn’t take place without the effort of the Club members who give up their time to make everything happen. A huge congratulations to the Team for a smooth, successful, enjoyable competition.

Jayne Clarke.

PS. Added by County chair – a huge thank you in particular to Jayne for all her hard work.

It may be the norm for recurve archers

but a 3 gold end for a longbow archer is a rare thing of beauty.

  Which is why Phil Slack is looking both pleased and surprised!

Phil Slack