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KIT 1 £200.00
Sebastian Flute
68" R/H
34lb Kap limbs
Cartel ratchet sight, armguard, quiver, chestguard, stringer, tab, bow sling, bow stand, cartel longrod, pressu
8 Jazz 1916 29"
All in a striker bow bag

KIT 2 £120.00
Kap Winstar
66" R/H
26lb Kap limbs
Cartel ratchet sight, Arten longrod, armguard, quiver, chestguard,tab, bow sling, button, bowstand,stringer
8 Platinum + 1516 28"
All in a striker bag

12 ACC 680 29" £100.00

RH 68" 38lb Greenkat button, sight,14 XX75 1916 29.5, Wooden case £50.00

RH 68" 24lb Samwha, Arten sight, 8 Jazz 1616 28.5, (Marksman type case) £55.00

RH 66" 32lb GS Turbo,Sight, long rod, back pack quiver bow stand button. £70.00

LH Stylist sapphire 68" 22lb, 6 Easton red line 520 28.5", Chest guard, stringer, long rod, vbar, stabilisers, bowstand,SF back pack. £110.00

Junior Recurve Bow for sale

Samick Polaris 54" 20LB recurve bow in very good condition £45.00

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