This year I would like to enter teams for the National County Team Championships, held at Lilleshall on 27th/28th June. The county has agreed to fund half of each team entry fee, the rest would be paid by the archers selected.

I have attached last years prospectus so you can see the format - it is a WA 720 qualification round Saturday morning followed by team head to heads in the afternoon. Then a WA 1440 on Sunday.

Teams are made of three archers and if there are not enough qualifying archers, no team will be entered for that category.

The cost was £145 per team last year, so based on that figure, the county will pay £73 per team and each archer will need to pay £24.

How do I qualify I hear you ask? Simple, shoot either Blow away the cobwebs at Long Mynd on the 12th April or the Bowbrook WA 720 on April 18th, submit scores to myself and the highest scoring archers will make the teams.

To qualify for the senior squad at the Intercounty shoot in September, the county has let me set a minimum requirement of Bowman classification. I have chosen this as it is a measurable and achievable standard across all disciplines.

Tim Swain (the county coaching officer) is looking to hold a meeting of the previous team members and interested county archers that would like to shoot for Shropshire as to how we help people attain this standard and more. He would like to know what the archers want from the county coaches and together, come up with a plan as to how we make this happen.

Any questions, my email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. please feel free to ask away.

Kind regards


PS. As always, if junior archers can upstage and outshoot the seniors, they will be selected to shoot for the senior team so everyone shoot your best and good luck to all!