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Grand National Archery Meeting 21st to 23rd August 2021

A Very Successful Weekend!


The Grand National Archery Meeting (GNAM) is shot over for three days. This was the 166th time the event has been held, with a handful of occasions missed owing to war, flooding, and most recently, Covid-19.

GNAM’s usual format is a Double York or Double Hereford for the gents and ladies, respectively. The third day is a Long National, which is shot by everyone. The reason for the third day is to allow the double rounds to conclude in case of bad weather on the first two days, thus allowing the trophies to be awarded. However, if this is not required, a handicap shoot takes place using the GNAM handicap system.

Last weekend saw a number of Shropshire Archers from Bowbrook Archers and Croesoswallt Archers head off to compete, (including Patrick Huston associate member of Bowbrook Archers). 

Many trophies and awards were presented:-  Yulia Larkins, Lauren Rawlings, Phil Hinckley, Max Oakley, Callum Piggott, Lyn Anderson & Patrick Huston (who also broke 2 UK Records).

Full results can be found of Ianseo, The full list of Trophy and Award winners will be on the Archery GB Website, GNAM 2021 shortly.  Congratulations also goes to Michelle Szulc for obtaining her 2nd Master Bowman score and the worst white on Longbow!!


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