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If there are any juniors who wish to shoot competitively for the county please would the parents/guardians contact:- Rebecca Bodkin

West Midlands Archery Society 
Junior Inter-county Challenge
1st October 2023
hosted by Meriden Archers, Warwickshire


This years Shropshire Junior Team :-


Tristan Beauquel - Bowbrook Archers

Lucas Meadows - Audco Archers

Lewis Bodkin - Audco Archers

Katie Mundy-Gill - Bowbrook Archers

Zack Bruckshaw - Audco Archers

Hector Elwell - Long Mynd Archers

Abigall Gayther - Hafren Foresters

George King - Audco Archers

Jasper Colman - Hafren Foresters 

Lewis Morrey -  Audco Archers

Keira Morrey - Audco Archers

Tom Wiggin - Audco Archers


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West Midlands Archery Society 
Junior Inter-county Challenge
24th September 2022
hosted by Audco Archers


This years Shropshire Junior Team :-


Hector Elwell - Recurve - Long Mynd

Alex Sillitoe-Price - Recurve - Hafren Foresters

Katie Mundy-Gill -  Recurve - Bowbrook

Lewis Bodkin - Recurve - Audco

Tom Wiggin - Barebow - Audco

Matty Loughran - Recurve - Audco

Lucas Meadows - Compound - Audco

Ethan Bruckshaw - Recurve - Audco


New for 2022 - County Team Shirts

Shorpshire County Shirt.jfif

WMAS Intercounty & Open Junior Championships, Saturday 11th September 2021.

Hosted by Redhill Archers on behalf of WMAS, County of Worcestershire Archery Associations.

Unfortunately due to Covid-19, the 2020 Intercounty shoot was unable to go ahead.  Since then several of our Junior Team have turned 18yrs old too, so we say goodbye and thank you to, Katie Tonkinson, Lauren Rawlings and Megan Costall who have now gone on to progress their archery as seniors. 

The 2021Junior Squad this year has two new faces!  Welcome to Calum Piggott and Max Oakley both from Bowbrook Archers.  Normally the WMAS Inter-counties also includes the EMAS Challenge, but it was decided that for this year to keep it a smaller tournament.  Hopefully next year we can have a full shoot and have a WMAS/EMAS challenge again!

This years Shropshire Junior team:-

Calum Piggott - Recurve

Max Oakley - Recurve

Toby Wiggin - Recurve

Katie Mundy-Gill - Recurve

Ross Barnes - Recurve

Lewis Bodkin - Recurve

Lilly Brindle - Recurve

Violet Walker - Compound

On behalf of the Shropshire Archery Society we wish you all good luck and good shooting!

Results & Team Photos to follow.............

Lyn Anderson

Junior Team Manager





Wow what a result!

Shropshire Archery Juniors became West Midland Archery Champions for the third year running.

Shropshire hosted the competition this year  at the Audco Archers shooting ground in Newport where teams from Warwickshire, Staffordshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire all competed for the WMAS Annual Challenge Cup.


The archers shooting 12 dozen arrows consisting of 3 dozen arrows at 4 different distances according to age.


Two years ago Shropshire won at Worcestershire last year at Warwickshire and now on home soil, we are becoming the team to beat.

The team has archers from 9 years of age through to 17 years all shooting distanced according to their age.

They all represented Shropshire their clubs and their families brilliantly and should be very proud of themselves, i certainly am as team manager.


We are losing a few archers this year because of age and i wish them well shooting in the senior ranks now.

We welcomed several new members this year and they all mixed well and performed brilliantly.

The weather was lovely and sunny with a tricky wind but everybody shot well .


Regards Ray

EMAS v WMAS 2019

On 21st July the competition between EMAS V WMAS was held at Welbeck Nottingham.

Lauren Rawlings Joe Becker and James Beckett represented Shropshire in the seniors and of the 12 juniors in the competition Shropshire supplied 10 archers: Violet Walker, Katie Tonkinson, Leah Ferriday, Jess Hulse, Robbie Gillman, Lewis Bodkin, Finlay Scott, Katie Mundy-Gill, Toby Wiggin and Tom Wiggin. 

Unfortunately the WMAS team lost but there were some individual medals won.  This is a credit to the coaching that the clubs do and the practice and enthusiasm of the juniors.

Having won the Inter-county Shoot the last two years has shown that Shropshire are shooting as a team and to have 10 out of 12 at a Regional shoot is wonderful.  The Heritage shoots bring them all together as a group by seeing one another regularly.  This was so noticeable at the  Junior Regional Inter-county shoot where other archers who are just as proud to represent their County just wander back to their tent and Shropshire were doing high fives supporting and generally interacting as a team.  It was noticed and commented on by other Team Managers, long may that continue.


Ray Fisher

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