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Any Shropshire County archer wishing to shoot competitively for the county please contact:- Ryan Holden

County Team Selection Criteria 2024

In order to be considered for selection to the County Team an Archer must provide results from either a UKRS or WRS shoot where a 720 round is being shot.

An archer can submit as many scores as they wish but it must be a minimum of 3 and the top 3 scores will be taken.

The scores and results should be submitted to the Shropshire Senior Team Manager - Ryan Holden ( - who will publish a leader board regularly.

The final date for scores to be submitted is 15th August 2024.

The following Shropshire Shoots are available for County Archers to achieve these scores:-


1.  Bowbrook Archers Double 9th June - 2 x 720 Rounds

National County Team 2023


Recurve Men:

Steve Davies - Bowbrook Archers
Max Oakley - Audco Archers
Ryan Holden - Bowbrook Archers

Recurve Women:

Megan Costall - Hafren Foresters
Jenny Collins - Bowbrook Archers
Fiona Macphearson - Bowbrook Arches

Compound Men:

James Beckett - Bowbrook Archers
Ian Walker - Bowbrook Archers
Julian Beauquel - Bowbrook Archers

Compound Women:

Rebecca Bodkin - Audco Archers
Violet Walker - Bowbrook Archers
Sara Morris-Soper - Audco Archers

Shropshire Inter-County Team 2023


Recurve Men:

Callum Piggott- Bowbrook Archers

Phil Hinckley - Bowbrook Archers

Josh Armstrong - Long Mynd Archers
Ryan Holden - Bowbrook Archers

Malcolm Bayliss - Long Mynd Archers

James Bull - 

Recurve Women:


Yulia Hinckley - Bowbrook Archers

Katie Tonkinson - Audco Archers

Jenny Collins - Bowbrook Archers
Fiona Macphearson - Bowbrook Arches

Compound Men:

Grant Morris Soper - Audco Archers
Ian Walker - Bowbrook Archers
Julian Beauquel - Bowbrook Archers

Compound Women:

Rebecca Bodkin - Audco Archers
Violet Walker - Bowbrook Archers
Sara Morris-Soper - Audco Archers

Barebow Men:

Rod Mitchell - Bowbrook Archers

Andrew Miller - Bowbrook Archers

Longbow Men:

Ken Milloy - Archers of Teme

Tom Tonkinson - Audco Archers

National County Team 2022

Ladies Recurve 22.jpg
Mens Recurve 22.jpg

WMAS Inter-counties 2022

Shropshire Team 2022:-

Recurve:-  Connor Hall, Ryan Holden, Callum Piggott, Rob Healey, Josh Armstrong.  Jenny Collins, Fiona Macpherson.

Compound:- Julien Beauqual, Ian Walker, Grant Morris-Soper.  Rebecca Bodkin, Sara Morris-Soper.

Longbow:- Ken Milloy, Ray Bates.

Result available here

national county team.png

Archery GB 
National County Team Championships
24th & 25th September 2022


Shropshire Team :-


Recurve Ladies:- Yulia Hinckley, Megan Costall,  Penny Healey

Recurve Gents:- Ryan Holden, Max Oakley, Rob Healey

Compound Ladies:- Rebecca Bodkin, Violet Walker, Amy Bode

Compound Gents;- Ian Walker, Grant Morris-Soper, Julien Beauquel

Day 1 Results

Day 2 Results

Archery GB NCTC News & Photos

New for 2022 - County Team Shirt

Shorpshire County Shirt.jfif


This years team:-

Recurve Team

Yulia Larkins - Bowbrook 

Katie Tonkinson - Audco

Jenny Collins - Bowbrook

Stevie Kent - Bowbrook

Ryan Holden - Bowbrook

Phil Hinckley - Bowbrook

Rob Healey - Bowbrook

Callum Piggott - Bowbrook

Compound Team

Rebecca Bodkin - Audco

James Beckett - Bowbrook

Ian Walker - Bowbrook

Longbow Team

Michelle Szulc - Croesoswallt

Ken Milloy - Teme

County Squad Selection 2020

This year I would like to enter teams for the National County Team Championships, held at Lilleshall on 27th/28th June. The county has agreed to fund half of each team entry fee, the rest would be paid by the archers selected.


I have attached last years prospectus so you can see the format - it is a WA 720 qualification round Saturday morning followed by team head to heads in the afternoon. Then a WA 1440 on Sunday.


Teams are made of three archers and if there are not enough qualifying archers, no team will be entered for that category.


The cost was £145 per team last year, so based on that figure, the county will pay £73 per team and each archer will need to pay £24.


How do I qualify I hear you ask? Simple, shoot either Blow away the cobwebs at Long Mynd on the 12th April or the Bowbrook WA 720 on April 18th, submit scores to myself and the highest scoring archers will make the teams.


To qualify for the senior squad at the Intercounty shoot in September, the county has let me set a minimum requirement of Bowman classification. I have chosen this as it is a measurable and achievable standard across all disciplines.


Tim Swain (the county coaching officer) is looking to hold a meeting of the previous team members and interested county archers that would like to shoot for Shropshire as to how we help people attain this standard and more. He would like to know what the archers want from the county coaches and together, come up with a plan as to how we make this happen.


Any questions, my email address is please feel free to ask away.

Kind regards



PS. As always, if junior archers can upstage and outshoot the seniors, they will be selected to shoot for the senior team so everyone shoot your best and good luck to all!

Proposal for SAS county squad leader board


Proposal for SAS county squad leader board

As previously stated, I would like to set up a leader board for county archers that are on or would like to be considered for the Shropshire senior squad. By doing this, the hope is that everyone has an idea where they stand throughout the season and who is likely to be picked to represent the county. It will also give archers trying to get onto the county squad real targets to aim for.

For this I would require the archers themselves to email me monthly (or whenever they compete) their scores for the below rounds along with results sheets as proof of score:

WA 1440

WA 720


Long National

I would like to get at least four scores from each archer to be able to add them together and form the leader board. This would mean two of either WA 1440 or York/Hereford and two of either WA 720 or Long National. This should then show what level each archer is shooting at rather than just a one off or lucky result.

My plan is to convert AGB imperial rounds to equivalent metric scores using the handicap tables in the rules of shooting. This will give four comparable scores for each archer that can be ranked for each discipline.

From these submitted scores, I can then produce the leader board to be both published on the SAS website and emailed back to the individuals that have emailed me. I will then update this monthly, keeping only the highest four scores for each of the above rounds totalled.

I would also look to publish the highest scores for each round per discipline for individuals’ pride and bragging rights.

The only other thing that I would consider useful for the county archers to have, is experience of shooting head to head matches. Although, rather than include this here, I am sure that should the need arise I can organise something similar to the monthly sessions trialled this year so that all county archers know how this works in both team and individual formats.


Simon Nelms

New National Longbow/Barebow Rankings league in association with AGB.

Please see below a letter recieved from 

Barry Du-Crow and Paul Gregory of the Longbow Ranking committee


Hi all LB Ladies and Gents.

To compliment the AGB rankings system and make the season a bit more exciting myself and Paul Gregory from Southampton AC have secured sponsorship from the "Longbow Shop" in the form of winners trophies and 2nd 3rd medals in the following categories. GMB, MB, Bowmen and below, for both Ladies and Gents. These are based on your classification at the start of the season.

I have been in discussion with Jon Nott of AGB and he is in full support and has offered his assistance and publicity.

The website is ready at

The required rounds to gain a ranking and league position for both Longbow and Barebow are….2 x WA720 rounds 2 x wa1440 rounds and 1 x York/Hereford (depending on whether Gent or Lady) These must be Record status tournaments.

I will be entering the results from published scores and also Jon Nott informs me that there will be a page on the AGB site for Longbow archers to submit their scores throughout the season, these will be mailed to me (and entered as provisional results until I see the tournament results published)

Jon Nott expressed a desire to increase the competing longbow archers from 37 (on last years rankings table) to 100. This is something we will strive to do.

An important part of our league is that we are rewarding 1st 2nd and 3rd in all classes which gives much more encouragement to those climbing up the ladder so to speak.

We view this first year as very much work in progress and would like to develop the league with maybe adding a Championship division for Archers up to 1st class with shorter distance tournaments NON record status and also a junior league


Look forward to hearing your views

Barry Du-Crow

Paul Gregory

Longbow Ranking committee


PS. We have also mirrored the system for Barebow and have Nick Hayball from Southampton AC who will run this.

The barebow league have now gained sponsorship from “The Archery Shop” in Bournemouth.

As well as trophies and medals the barebow league has gained £200 of prize money in archery shop vouchers in £30 awards for first in each category sponsored by

Shropshire Archers representing West Midlands

Congratulations to all the following archers who have been selected to represent the West Midlands v East Midlands on 16 July.


Bela Booth                Finlay Scott                                                         Katie Tonkinson                              

Lyn Anderson           Mary Jane Cartwright                                        Penny Healey

Trevor Spittle            Becky Chilcott  (shooting as a senior)              Kaitlyn Beetz

Jim Brewerton          Jessica Hulse                                                     Lucy Clarke


Shoot stright and enjoy!


National County Team Championships 2017



To be held on 24/25June 2017 at Lilleshall.

This event is still relatively new on the calendar – it is in its 3rd or 4th year we believe.

Teams consist of 3 archers. Teams can be entered in 4 bow types – Compound, Recurve, Barebow and Longbow. Teams can be either ladies or gents. Thus a possible total of 8 teams per County.

The shoot lasts for 2 whole days. World record status event shot to WA rules.

Full details of the event are on the attached document. This is actually for 2016 – the 2017 one is identical except for dates & costs. But a summary follows.

Day 1; WA 70/50 round. 6dozen arrows. Followed by….

Head to head – all teams will progress to the Head to head rounds.

Day 2; WA 1440 round for both Ladies and gents. This means that gents will be shooting at distances 90m,70m,50 & 30m and Ladies 70m, 60m 50, & 30m

Ideally, Shropshire would like to enter teams in all 8 categories. However, the cost of entry for a team is £120, 50%   of which will be paid by Shropshire Archery Society. This means that it will cost individual archers £20 for the whole 2 days of competition.  However, we will only enter a team in a particular category if significant interest is shown.

At this stage, we are asking for expressions of interest from Shropshire Archers. We need to enter teams as soon as possible – but merely expressing an interest is not a guarantee of selection. As SAS is part funding this (if 8 teams enter it will cost county £480) it has been decided that there must be an element of selection. Which will also familiarise archers new to WA events with the format.

There will be a selection shoot for this event at Long Mynd’s range on Sunday 21st May. There will not  be an entry fee. Preference will be given, when selecting teams, to those who attend this shoot.  However, if archers who cannot attend can give to Shropshire’s event organiser, Simon Nelms, a record of a score in a WA1440 event (or a York/Hereford round) attended during 2016 or 2017 then this will be taken into account. The event at Long Mynd will start at 09.00am it would be appreciated if archers could help with facing up at the distance change.

All Shropshire entries must be submitted by Simon Nelms – and we need to get entries in as soon as possible to guarantee places – this is a popular event.

Teams converge from all over England for this – let’s make sure that we have Shropshire teams there – after all it is on our doorstep! Apologies for the short notice on this but final details have only recently been confirmed by ArcheryGB.

Simon’s contact details;, mobile 07967 256305.


Senior Squad


Shropshire County Archery Team

My name is Ray Fisher I am the Shropshire County Archery Team Manager

The team represents Shropshire against other counties twice a year.

The first competition in the spring is against Lancashire and North Wales although the last few years North Wales have failed to produce a team and the shoot has been suspended. Hopefully this will be resurrected in 2016.

The second shoot is a five county shoot held at the end of the outdoor season in September/ October.  The counties involved are Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire.

These five counties are all West Midland Archery Society members and WMAS

competes against East Midlands each year with the top archers representing WMAS.

Several Shropshire archers make that team.

All these shoots are FITA`s with Gents shooting 90, 70, 50, 30mtrs and the Ladies shooting 70, 60, 50, 30mtrs. The team consists of Recurve, Compound and Longbow sorry no Barebow or other.

The teams will be selected from a squad. The squad and team changes all the time with some of the stalwart archers being out performed by up and coming archers so squad members must keep practicing the longer distances, nothing is taken for granted.


All Heritage shoots include long distance rounds so archers can prove their ability to shoot the required FITA distance without travelling to otherwise expensive shoots.  I do my best to monitor scores throughout the year so as to pick the strongest team but I also appreciate archers contacting me with their scores.

If you are not on the current squad contact list but feel you have the potential let me know, my details are below.

Ray Fisher

Tele: 01952 813611

Mob: 07951452695

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