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Courtesy of L Rawlings

Welcome to the Shropshire Archery Society  


The Shropshire Archery Society is a volunteer organisation and the governing body of archery within the county of Shropshire. The Society is affiliated to the West Midlands Regional Archery Society and to ArcheryGB, the governing body for the sport of archery in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The Society encourages and promotes all aspects of archery within Shropshire. 

 Upcoming Events


23rd June 2024 - Double American UKRS - The Audco Archers

30th June 2024 - Long Mynd Archers Heritage 

7th July 2024 - Wenlock Olympiad Shoot - Bowbrook Archers

14th July 2024 - Croesoswallt Archers Heritage (including Novice Trophies)

20th & 21st July - Blow Away The Cobwebs - Long Mynd Archers

4th August 2024 - Bowbrook Archers Heritage

11th August 2024 - The Audco Archers Heritage (including Handicap Trophies)

25th August 2024 - Hafren Forester Archers Heritage 

15th September 2024 - Shropshire County Champs - Long Mynd Archers

29th September 2024 - Shropshire County Clout Champs

Archers of Teme Heritage - TBA

Other WMAS

28th July 2024 - Senior Outdoor Championships - Wyre Forest Company of Archers

25th August 2024 - Novices Tournament - Nuneaton

14th September - Junior Outdoor Championships - Redhill Archers

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