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2024 Shropshire Architectural Heritage Season

The Shropshire Architectural Heritage Series 2024 is fast approaching.

30th June 2024 - Long Mynd Archers Heritage 

14th July 2024 - Croesoswallt Archers Heritage (including Novice Trophies)

4th August 2024 - Bowbrook Archers Heritage

11th August 2024 - The Audco Archers Heritage (including Handicap Trophies)

25th August 2024 - Hafren Forester Archers Heritage

Heritage shoots are designed to be a friendly and welcoming introduction to archery competitions that are open to all, with the rounds shot based on ability. They provide the opportunity to shoot with archers of all skills and experience and to go on tour around, and also support, the various Shropshire archery clubs.

Please take part in the season.

Rounds shot:


Age Category

Distance 1

Distance 2

Long National


80 yds

60 yds

National 60

Seniors & All U18s

60 yds

50 yds

National 50

All U16s

50 yds

40 yds

National 40

All U14s

40 Yds

30 Yds

National 30

All U12s

30 Yds

20 Yds

National 20

All U10s

20 Yds

10 Yds

48 Arrows shot at the longest distance and 24 arrows shot at the shorter distance. Five zone scoring (9, 7, 5, 3, 1)

As agreed by the county, the following will apply:

Archers meeting the criteria below must shoot the Long National:

Lady recurve archer with a handicap of 57 = 438 National 60 equivalence.

Gent recurve archer with a handicap of 49 = 506 National 60 equivalence.

Lady compound archer with a handicap of 47 = 520 National 60 equivalence.

Gent compound with a handicap of 41 = 558 National 60 equivalence

Juniors wishing to shoot a higher round than their own (within the junior rounds) will still pay the

junior fee but will compete against the age group they are shooting in for medals.

Juniors wishing to shoot in the senior rounds will pay the senior fee to do so and will be competing against the seniors for medals.

If an archer wishes to shoot in an age group that is lower than their own, they can do and can still be awarded. Please specify on the entry form that you are shooting “Out of Category”/Distance.

Archers registered as “Disabled” with Archery GB can compete in shorter distance categories should they feel their condition affects their ability to shoot in their recognised category. Please specify on the entry form that you are shooting under the disability category.


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